13 May, 2007

Why do we need "scientific" reasons?

When I saw the "Matrix" trilogy for the first time, the concept was fascinating. A virtual world designed to keep the people in the real world unaware of themselves. But, what if someone says you are fast becoming a victim of such a design? And the grand design is made by none other than "SCIENCE"!!

Right from a very young age, a lot of emphasis is given to scientific thinking, scientific point of view and logic. NO problems. But, then science crosses the lines to rubbish spirituality and traditions as "crap". Why are they crap? Because there are no "Scientific" explanations for some of the beliefs.

"scientific" ... the meaning of the term changes with each century. From Newtonian theory to Darwin's theory, every theory has its shortcomings. Even the most "intuitive" Newtonian theory was superseded by the thoroughly complicated and counter-intuitive Einstein's theory. Science is still far away from perfect !!! Then, why do we judge these beliefs based on science? With science's limitations today, the fact that these beliefs can be true cannot be ruled out.

If in the Newton times, someone said, "hey, an electron can be at 2 places at a time", he would have been regarded as deranged and mocked at. But, today we know it is the truth (refer Einstein's theory:). So, whats the guarantee that tomorrow the basis on which we overturn the beliefs, themselves do not exist!

Just because a bunch a scientists could not find the relation between the planet positions and our "supposed" future (Even I do not believe in this crap, but ... ), can science label astrology as crap? Can't it be attributed to our limited knowledge or immature science?

Why do we believe that there isn't anything called "soul"? Why do we rubbish reincarnation theories? Why do we deny the existence of GOD? (here, GOD isn't someone who made this world or controls this world .. NO ... he is just a perfect HUMAN BEING).
Just because science says so? Just because it is illogical? Don't you acknowledge your own shortcomings? Don't you think there might be some things out of your ken? Some things you can't know because you can't see or feel them with your senses?

Actually, the fault is ours. We think our culture is a big hoax. Something called the GOD was imagined so that there'll always be someone who one fears. Well, science chauvinists need to open their eyes to the shortcomings of science.
Thousands of years ago, it was said that eating green vegetables on some days in a month is unhealthy. The belief was rubbished. Today, it is found to be true. 5 times a month, when the moon is nearest to the earth, the gravitational pull of the moon causes increases water-levels
and humidity. This atmosphere is conducive for germs and hence, unhealthy for us.

The main problem with religion is, the reasons why we follow some of the mores are lost in time. So, there is no way of distinguishing between what are true traditions and what are just blind beliefs.

One of the unintended victims is : Spirituality. Although science dosen't directly attack spirituality, it has come under the scanner. If spirituality is overthrown and "logic" emphasized so much, I fear we might be reduced to robots, devoid of emotions and relationships. What makes us humans unique is NOT only the science but our culture, which is a fine mix of science, religion, traditions, spirituality and social inclinations.

Also, there's no reason to abandon our beliefs about soul and GOD and the higher facets of our spirituality. Science should just keep itself in check. It should understand its limitations. We should understand its limitations.


Its Me said...

This is an excellent topic ..

coz i AM a science chauvinist ..

Lets c ..

i agree with the first half absolutely .. that just because we havent found out stuff doesnt mean it cant b true ..

Quoting Phoebe "Are you telling me that you are so conceited that you cant admit that there is a teeny tiny possibility that Evolution may not may occurred the way you are telling me ??"

But i have talked to a lot of ppl our age abt belief in god etc and ppl who say i dont believe in god is crap ..

they have to believe in something ..

Like i would say, i prefer not to believe in GOD but to believe in LOVE .. So whenever im scared .. i pray to a love one, not GOD ..

@$%deja vu$% said...

yup... totally agreed !!
u have to believe in something...

when ppl say gimme the proof that GOD exists .. or gimme the proof that spirituality works, it just pisses me off ... losers!

actually I was really pissed by one such q when i wrote this post..

shridhar said...

jitesh i feel there is no point in comparing science(here i consider science as something which tries to give logical proof of everything.. ) and philosphy(it includes everything sprituality,culture,our beliefs etc)..
its like two different branches of the same tree.. or like two rails of the railway track.. you need both of them to run train.. you cannot and should not compare both these things.. so if someone asks you some silly question (like proof of god!)tell that person its like arguing on some foolish question like which color is good red or yellow.. i mean they are two diffeent colours thats all.. why do we need support of science to proove our beliefs or values..this is where we do mistake.. we
take help of science to proove our philosphy .. and thus science is empowering us and our philosphy.