22 May, 2007

Non-veg : Imagine this .....

I have been mocked and ridiculed for being a veggie. Well I pity all of them. the self-centered assholes. Have they ever imagined how would it be like if their own brothers and sisters were murdered like this in front of them. How it is like to know that you are going to die and actually seeing your kindred being mercilessly slaughtered. Murdered just for someone else's delight.

What if tomorrow someone opens up a slaughter house to slaughter humans .. wouldn't all these ppl cry foul? (If they don't ... dudes .. you are beyond repair) Then why do they show no compassion towards non-humans? .. just because they can't retaliate .. or coz they aren't human !!

neway .. check this out ... this is a song by "The scorpions" named "Under the same sun" .. awesome song .. nd have a look at the lyrics :

"I saw the evening
Fading shadows one by one
We watch the lamb, lay down to the sacrifice
I saw the children
The children of the sun
How they wept, how they bled, how they died

Do you ever ask yourself
Is there a Heaven in the sky"


Its Me said...

I dont agree ..

i dont pity u for being a veggie .. but its just that ur missing out on lots of good stuff ..

then toh we can argue that u should not eat plants .. they also have life ..

dont drink milk , ur deriving the calves of their basic need - mothers milk .. etcetcetc

im not anti veggies .. but just think they're missing out on some good (nutritious :) ) food ;)

@$%deja vu$% said...

about the plants :
to start with, plants don't have a nervous system ... secondly : plants only have one sense : the skin
whereas, animals have a fully developed and functional body with 5 senses .. they can feel the pain, and they do! .. animals show a family (sort of a social kind) behaviour , which the plants lack ...

note that if i had it my way ... even plants wouldn't b killed .. so .. if u can't abstain from smthin .. why not try to MINIMIZE it??

and about milk : dude ... its not at all a "heinous" act .. + cows dnt give milk unless their calves r fed .. what we have are the "left-overs":P

Its Me said...

see its kind of an abstract discussion ..

btw the cow fact is not really true .. they wean the calf off the milk ..

its kinda a moot point .. im not against veggies ..

infact in non veg im against halal .. but these animals are bred for food .. i guess us NON VEGGIES dont just think about omg this was living and it had a life or feelings etcetc ..

this is mean .. but we just think its tasty ;)

Prajwalit said...

"plants only have one sense : the skin
whereas, animals have a fully developed and functional body with 5 senses .."

That doesn't gives you rights to kill plants...

right ?

@$%deja vu$% said...

check out vedang's blog (or for that matter your blog only:P)

I've clearly stated.. that it dosen't give us the right to kill plants, but it is less VIOLENT ... plants do not have a nervous system, so they can't feel the pain .. + they do not have a family structure, so killing an offspring won't traumatize the mother plant:P

also, we cannot survive without killig atleast some beings (eg. even while u r breathing, the heat from ur body is killing microbes), so why not reduce the violence to the bare min?

Prajwalit said...

then, y dnt you eat grass ?


itsa better way...

@$%deja vu$% said...

grass and stones r not that tasty... so i go for other type of veggie food... like vegetables or fruits..