10 April, 2010

The Japanese wife

I am updating my blog AGAIN. This will be really short, I promise. Won't bore you much today. I value my readers after-all :-P

So, I watched this movie today. The Japanese wife. The movie is about a Bengali school teacher, Snehamoy, marrying his Japanese pen-friend, Miyagi over a series of letters and being loyal to that vow for more than seventeen years. It might and it does sound a very stupid idea. But, let us consider it from a poetic sense. An exaggeration on-purpose to convey a point.

The point is the essence of marriage. Snehamoy and Miyagi's marriage is a very unconventional and a very successful one. More successful than many, taking into consideration the fact that they have never met and all they can do is exchange letters once a week. Yet, they have such a deep bond. They don't snuggle up or any such stuff, yet they have such affection in their relationship! I am not saying the movie was nice, but I was strangely glad that I watched the movie. It left me with the best of the post-movie feelings. There is still good in the world and there can still be an unconditionally platonic bond between two people :-). Thats my takeaway from the movie.

Very hazy post this, I know. It is purposeful. It is for myself. Hardly anyone would like the movie. I didn't like it myself. But, I have the best feeling after watching this movie and I love the movie just for that!

Edit: A muchhhhhh better article about "The Japanese Wife" is here. (Marathi)

07 April, 2010

How would it feel to be one of them?

One of the Jawans of the 81-strong battalion that got ambushed and annihilated by Naxalites.

You are on your way to the base-camp after a 3-day search operation. You are mentally and physically tired after being on the alert for possible way-lays. This is the last stage of your journey and the only thing that has occupied your mind is the safety of the base-camp. A feeling of dreamy complacency overcomes you. You are wading through that deep forest with a lost mind. And then it happens. The truck in the forefront of the battalion blows away. 20 feet straight into the air. Fear, panic, apprehension spike through your nerves.

And then starts the incessant round of firings. You don't know where the firing is coming from. You are caught off-guards. Everyone is running helter-skelter. A feeling of desperation creeps in.  You think its the best to run away and survive. You start running in the opposite direction of the firing. But, some of your colleagues just got blasted. Pressure bombs. The escape path is rigged. Shit! Lets take cover behind the trees. You run towards a big tree. Another of your colleague blows up. Pressure bombs near every hiding place. What do you do? You cannot run, you cannot hide. Complete desperation and helplessness. Death is in sights. Mahesh, whom you playfully wrestled yesterday falls dead in front of you. Another one, just married, falls. Memories come gushing in. You start counting your seconds and then it happens. You feel the smearing pain. A chill runs down your spine. This is the end. Another one penetrates. You remember your mothers/wives smiling face and everything goes blind.

You open your eyes. You are in the hospital. A minister is looking down upon you. Anger is all you can feel. Still you force a smile. Scarred for life. This smile is now your life.

06 April, 2010

RIP Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain breathed last 16 years ago today.

I am a big big fan. So I thought I'd compile a list of my top 10 Nirvana tracks. Here they are (RIP Kurt Cobain):

1) Jesus don't want me for a Sunbeam 
2) Smells like teen spirit
3) The Man who sold the World
4) Come as you are
5) About a girl
6) All apologies
7) Lithium
8) Dumb
9) In bloom (Awesome video)
10) Rape me

There are others like "Aneurysm", "Heart-shaped box", "Dive", etc that couldn't figure on the list but are my all-time favourites! If only he had lived longer, there would be more awesomeness in this world! RIP!

03 April, 2010

Clash of the Titans - Really?

***** SPOILERS ******

So went for "Clash of the Titans" today. It is a movie shitty in all respects - Dialogs (the worst), script, direction, etc etc. I am starting to hate this James Cameroon style of directing - mind-numbing action and zilch sense to the movie.

It all starts with Zeus' obsession with immortality. To pander to his obsession, he creates humans. His immortality is fuelled by human prayers. So, what he should have done is, watched Matrix and learn how they cultivate humans. But, no! He gives them intelligence and shit like that so that they can rebel against him. How stupid is that? Just make them into praying robots! Job done!

Anyway, moving on. Zeus cannot control his hormones and he does a human queen. Now the king is pissed off, but he waits 9 months to execute her, so that she can give birth. Even after that, instead of just hanging them to death, he orders them stuffed in a casket and been thrown in the ocean (so that they'll be saved by chance). After this crappery, this son is now a demi-god. And demi-Gods are foolish.

This demi-God, Perseus, cannot even wield a sword and has such amount of foolish bravery as to make you cringe. He is like "Ohh! No man has ever returned from Medusa's lair. Lets go there camping and see whether I can chop off her head. But, first I must learn to hold a sword" or or "Lets kill that mountain-sized Cracken thing that is so huge that if he comes out of his lair, it causes a Tsunami. He can destroy a city with a lash of his limb. Lets go kill him". Or what about the awesomeness of the stalker demi-god who is clearly lusted by Perseus giving him the advice "Ask only what you need to" when he is going to the witches for answers. Well duhh! he IS going to ask what he needs. You think he'll ask "My name is Khan, am I a terrorist?" WTF!

So after a slew of lameassery dialogs and needless action and worthless story, we come to the climax. The war between Perseus (demi-god) and Hades (God). You think that would be an awesome war, right? Perseus fighting an ACTUAL God. How awesome! no? Lame actually. Perseus hurls a sword at him. Hades, considering he is God, cannot even dodge it and goes back undeground. How lame. The scene ends in two seconds!

Special mention to Perseus' dialog to Andromeda "I can serve you better as a man". What fantasies!! Also, after Perseus makes a show of his bravery, Zeus offers him a place in Heaven (or wherever the hell he lives). But, Perseus refuses and Zeus is like "You're my son dude". Then he makes a HOTTTT demi-god appear from thin air and leaves her with Perseus. What an awesome father he is! I would do anything to have Zeus as a father :-P

The only scene I liked was the fight in Medusa's lair. Nice action. Baki its a crap movie. Don't waste your time :-)