16 December, 2007

A typical day in-between the exams

YES YES... my secrets revealed :P:D.. here goes ==>

set the alarm clock to 5:30 am ...
wake up at 5:30am... yawn as if someone was going to shove a 10m round pipe into ur mouth... set the alarm to 6:15am ... go back to sleep

wake up at 6:15am.. don't care about the next alarm... go back to sleep

wake up (finally) at around 7:00 bitching urself and ur laziness

waste half-an-hour reading the newspaper anyway... and another half just staring in void

clean urself and eat something hurriedly....

think : 10 min to 9:00 ... i'd better check out orkut and yahoo in 10 min ...

9:30am... mom shouts from the kitchen and I realise what time it is ... don't shut down the PC ... finally start studying

after each 5 min... yawn and see if there's some nice/hot song playing on any of the TV channels..

sigh! and bitch the censor board... check orkut and yahoo to see if anyone's there... sigh! and bitch everyone for not wasting time and studying (except probably prajya :D)

1:00 : lunch ... go to sleep.. wake up at 3:00 ...

not in my senses... so check orkut and yahoo for an hour ....

4:00: study.. ass on fire.. so some serious study upto 7:00

7:00 ... finally make urself believe that u have worked very hard today and that u *deserve* a break

check orkut and yahoo .... go for a nice walk ... return 8:30
watch "asambhav" ... discuss whats goin to happen next ... time : 9:30pm

call up someone just like this or check orkut and yahoo ...

mom says one should not study at night... so check if there's some nice/hot movie on any of the channels... again bitch the censor board!....

set alarm to 5:30am... go to sleep!!

15 December, 2007

Who is she?

If anyone knows who she is .... do leave a comment !!!:):)

13 December, 2007

Auto-generate Break-up mails :D

Finally the software revolution has caught on with relationships too... here's the ultimate, most customizable break-up mail generator... Right from I-am-sorry mails to You-are-an-asshole mails... You HAVE to try this out :D

Check here
Trust me, a software can't get any better !!

08 December, 2007


the 3rd Klueless puzzle series is finally out...
go here and start scratching your heads...

(Thanks to Vikrant for the alert :) )

07 December, 2007

Linux softwares

Here is a (supposedly) helpful list of packages you'll need to plunge into the linux world:
The best method of installation is to compile the source. Being platform independant, you don't need to worry about which distro the source is meant for.
A typical sequence of commands you'll need to follow for installation from source is :
(login as superuser)
make install

consult the corresponding README files for any divergences

Coming back to the list:
Internet Dialer : Kinternet
Browser : Firefox
Messenger : Gaim (or pidgin as it is lately called)
Music player : AmaroK
Video player : Kaffeine (even, MPlayer or VLC will do)
pdf reader : Acrobat
chm viewer : kchmviewer
Text editor : Kwrite / Gedit
CD/DVD burner : K3B
Paint : GImp
Image viewing tool : GwenView
System Manager : YaST (Suse specific)
Word Processor : OpenOffice
Hex editor/programmers editor : Emacs / Vim
calculator : Kcalc

Any suggesstions/additions are welcome....

CHM woes

Having switched to linux about 3-4 months ago, there remained only one hitch -- I couldn't find a chm viewer under my suse. (chm formats are btw, a 10000 times better than PDFs in terms of usability and simplicity). So, after unsuccessfully running after xchm for more than a month (which btw, i suspect, was specially programmed for Debian distros only), I resumed search for another good chm viewer.

There were atleast two other viewers I found : kchmviewer and Gnochm
To express my unconditional love for KDE, I chose the former, even though the screenshots suggested its graphics would be nothing more than "primitive"

Although, the graphics is quite primitive (uses Qt libraries)... the overall GUI is user-friendly albeit a bit slow. An additional tabbed-browsing feature is exactly what i missed in Windows' chm viewer.

also, the executable isn't directly put in one of the PATH listed folders. So, in order to use kchmviewer like an ordinary command, you first need to put it one of those folders. (/bin or /usr/bin ... etc).

so, adios to Windows... who needs BILL and GATES when everything is FREE and OPEN !!:D

05 December, 2007

The wheel of death

This is a must watch... incredible!!

Hat-tip : Prajwalit