23 November, 2007

Goal : A Review

The only reason I went to this movie was that our exams were just over and I can't bear the torture of Sawariya and OSO.....

It could have been a pretty decent movie if some cliches could have been avoided. Actually, making these kind of sports-heroics movies is difficult, since you cannot have anything new in the story. You have to mesmerize the audience merely by the direction skills.

Some things I liked about the movie :
1) For a change, the actors seemed to be quite committed to the movie. as in, atleast in some scenes, the actors could actually PLAY football !!.. thats a positive change in bollywood and probably that is a reason why I started off having a good impression about the movie.

2) Arshad Warsi was good in his role and so was John.

3) for a change, this bollywood movie did NOT revolve around love and romance.

Many things that bugged me:
1) My god!.. this movie is an epitome of racism. as Arshad Warsi puts it in one of the scenes, "it is not about football, it is about our race, our colour". In almost every scene the English are referred to as "gora"s.... I mean, come on, whats up!.. can someone please give us a break from racism!... how long do we keep insulting ourselves??.. call ourselves "powerless" because we are coloured... get some self-respect man!.. unless we don't stop cribbing about racism, why should they?

2) the climax was the biggest screw-up. The climax is NOT at all about football, but totally about John. Not a single brilliant strike or a phenomenal save, not even a simple tackle. Also, Boman Irani dosen't at all suit in the role of the tainted hero.

3) Although I agree that the story line or should we say, the climax is always predictable for such movies, but, the part that leads to the climax can be different. But, not a single effort is made towards this. The plot thus ends up being a cliche.

4) Bipasha needs to join an acting school.

There are some funny and some really touching scenes. But, they are only a few in number. All-in-all, the movie is worth watching just to check out the footballing skills of John. The first half was good... but the end was pathetic.

My rating : 5.5/10!!

14 November, 2007

Eric Schmidt's serenity prayer... -FSJ

you guys HAVE to check this out... the most hilarious piece of writing ever !!!!
hail FSJ !!

here is the "prayer"

12 November, 2007

Here comes the best FSJ poem ...

This guy never-ever stops...
Namaste. :)

11 November, 2007

The Hobbit movie ...

Want The Hobbit to be as big a legend as the LOTR series??.... who else can do it better than Peter Jackson, the man behind the magic of LOTR...


check this out ...