22 May, 2007

Microsoft is lame

How lame can anyone get !!
apparently microsoft is planning to sue OpenSource communities for an infringement of 235 of its patents !! ... kewl .. Bill really knows how to mint Bills:P
Patents related to the user interface and the kernel; OpenOffice suite

Bill ... no need to get hysterical ... there are other moral ways of quashing competition ... grow up! don't you remember how Microsoft came into existence?? ... remember Apple?? ... How "someone" stole their OS which became "DOS" ??

newayz ... OpenOffice ... Bill ... do u claim title to the concept of open office? ... CONCEPT !! ... the concept belongs to the world Bill .. grow up !!

see here for the complete news

1 comment:

Vedang said...

so wots new... microsoft has always been in the business either by stealing ideas or by crushing companies that have sale able idea (followed by using them themselves)...
see pirates of the silicon valley.
i'm surprised they haven't sued google yet... for stealing the idea of windows LIVE.. :D