27 March, 2009

My grand dream ...

My ultimate dream is to have a server installed at my place. 16-core. 16 gigs of RAM. 1 petabyte storage space arranged as RAID and 8 Mbit upload and 16-mbit download bandwidth. It will run either Fedora or FreeBSD.
What will I use this machine for? I have no idea!! But, I also imagine myself completely absorbed in some very important and very obscure work which only I will understand. I will talk with conf files so fluently as if they were the languages I speak. Debugging a problem would be like a cakewalk. *Jitesh attaches strace to blah process*. 5 min later *Jitesh finds and fixes the problem*

I will be a big-shot in the OpenSource community and will have commit access to most package repositories. Yet, I will be cool. Watching movies, playing CS and having a super-hot girlfriend.

Some day I'll have so many machines/boards attached to my server that I would have to make a farm of these boards. I'd add manual firewall/iptables rules to give each of them different type of accesses. One of them would probably host a git server, another one an httpd server and stuff like that. I'd have 4-5 virtual machines running on the main machine and bridged with the wan interface. I don't know what the hell they would do. But, they would serve some important purpose.

And after all this is done, I'll wake up and use my shivaji-chya-kaal-cha juna PC which doesn't even have Linux installed on it :( ..sigh!

11 March, 2009

Its not yet another credit crisis article ...

After the Great Wall Street fall my mail and Reader were flooded with crisis articles. I admit my lack of interest in reading those articles because I couldn't understand half of them and the others were so huge, I got bored half-way. But, today I came across this amazing video which lucidly explains why the crisis started. It isn't wayy to simple and not wayy too difficult. Just perfect and nicely put and entertaining too. Do have a look.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

(Thanks to my good friend Mihir for the link)