21 June, 2007

The worst thing

the worst thing in life is to be dependent on someone...
no doubt people will say that social life is full of dependencies.. but you can sometimes do without them.. what i am talking about are dependencies from which you can't even flee... you are like a helpless animal in the cage... you can't live with it, you can't live without it !!


03 June, 2007

What does Barney do for a living?

seriously! .. what does he do for a living?

1. A lavish house
2. Wall-sized Televisions in every room
3. Stacks of mention-nots
4. Can run and win a marathon without any preparation
5. Always suited up :D
6. "awesome" standard of living

What does Barney do for a living?

01 June, 2007

An argument on eating habits

for the complete argument click here

well .. its sort of lengthy ... infact insanely lengthy ... i'll try to highlight the important points .. or write a summary ... but after the exams:)

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the same stage !!

Two giants who with an unpleasant history and contemporary stiff competitors ...
check this out :
includes the full interview....

Click here for the interview

Bill clarifies he's not the fake Steve Jobs:P:P

and Steve says (on the fact that Apple had to design iTunes for Windows) "it was like offering glasses of ice water to people in hell":d

What do you make of this?

(This is purely a work of fiction:P)

what do you make of it when -
1. You find yourself frequenting places where she hangs out?
2. When you can't concentrate on your fav work just coz you may miss out a glance at her?
3. When your eyes constantly search for her?
4. When you can't act normally when she is around?
5. When you are tongue-tied when she is around?
6. When you get a sudden surge of gloom when she says "bye"?
7. When you are jealous if she talks to someone else?
8. When you feel down if there's no contact since days?
9. When your insides toss and turn just looking at her smile?
10. When you feel at the top of the world when you make her laugh?
11. When you just want the time to freeze and the "others" to vanish in thin air, when you are with her?
12. And finally, when you are disappointed when she calls you only a "friend"?:D .. sigh!

(crap... dnt gape... just going the "LP" way.. trying my hand at something "different":P..
NOTE : This is purely a work of fiction)