27 October, 2008

Klueless 4

I've just started to solve Kluless 4 (I know I am late :) )
Here's the link:

This one's good and simpler than Klueless 1 (didn't solve 2 and 3 :( )
18th level is fucking amazing !!!!!!!!!

stuck on 19th .... Look out for updates !

Update : 23 !

Update: 26..
25 is a damn amazing level!.. too cool !

Update: Officially done with Klueless
(Switching to Nirvana mode :P ....)

04 October, 2008

A Wednesday

** Possible spoilers *** 

I apologize for posting two consecutive movie reviews. But, some movies are just too great!.. Truly truly great! And to be coming from bollywood, known for its stupid movies, I was  shocked and  pleasantly surprised!

While I write this piece (lets not call it a review, for it is inappropriate) I don't have Wednesday as a movie in my mind, but a concept. I can't elaborate. Sorry.

Frankly, I didn't know anything about the movie before I decided to watch it (except, ofcourse, that it was a terror flick). I expected another film on the Aamir lines. But, the final few minutes just blew me off. And not only because of the surprise-factor. It is the insignificant part of the movie that impresses me. The little things. Like, there is no crap about "mashab" and "hindu-muslim". NO! Infact, we don't even know to which religion our "common man" belongs to! 

And the last scene is permanently embedded in my mind. The one where Anupam Kher shakes Naseruddin Shah's hands and asks him his name. And the scene stops as Naseruddin Shah says " My name is....." (Well, you have to watch the movie to feel it!!)

Naseruddin Shah is superb! No one could have done it as well as he has!!

I wanted to write a lott... but I am out of words! Guess I'll savour this post-movie feeling for a long time! Also, I feel terrible because I could write such a long post on a terrible movie and not a single good paragraph on a great movie! Anyway, that doesn't matter. What matters is, Wednesday is great! (is that 101st time I am saying that?). Please Please do watch it !!!!!!! 

02 October, 2008

Kidnap: The classic !!

I thought "Saas, Bahu and Sensex" would be the best ever movie I'd see in the theatres. But, little did I know that in another shady corner of this world, a clique of talented artists (?) were working on a equally breath-taking piece of art : Kidnap !!

Kidnap is a classic!! It has all the ingredients of a classic (The first such "classic" movie was.. Gunda: The Classic)

Let me list them down for the ignorant readers:
1) Amazing dialogues. Let me support the claim with examples
Sanjay Dutt "Mere assisstant se keh do mere dushmanon ki list banake rakhe" (Applauds!!)

Imran Khan "Jail main sirf ek cheez khali rehti hai. Dimakh. To maine computer sikh liya" (WTF?!?!!? ... I get paid and I am even provided with TWO computers and yet I am not yet as genius a hacker as he is.. shame on me!!)

Minnisha Lamba (there are 2 n's in the name) "Maa.. main roj ghar pe rahugi. Mujhe bas birthday pe ek gift chahiye.... Papa!!" (Well, I thought only babies are made...)

Let me not reveal all lest you lose interest in the movie!!

2) Skin show. Minnisha Lamba is effing amazing! She starts off with a bikini on the beach and never looks back. Man! But, our villian, Imran Khan, is also one helluva smart guy. While he has kidnapped Minnisha (Oops! Was that a spoiler?), he always keeps her in amazingly skimpy outfits. May be for entertaining himself?  He takes her to beaches so that she can have a bath and he can bathe in serenity. 

3) Acting. I must say, all the actors in the movie are soo good at hiding their feelings. Spot ONE feeling in the movie and get goodies from me. Too good!

4) Climax. Climax is just too good and mind you, VERY VERY unpredictable. Watch the movie to find out more!!

5) Message. Every Classic movie must have a message. This one has one too. Swimming in a bikini can get you kidnapped. (Oops... another spoiler!.. I hope I havn't revealed the great scheme of the kidnap!!)

It is a must watch movie!... Please book your tickets now lest you miss it!
My rating : Unrateable!