24 August, 2008

Project Looking Glass

Project Looking Glass is a 3D desktop environment. It is java-based and so platform independant (So it can run on Windows/Linux et al). Sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

Personally, I havn't tried this Desktop environment, but it fascinates me. May be some day.

Check it out here
The sad thing is that, I couldn't find a decent screenshot on their site. So here are some screenshots I got through google
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

The project is still open for active development, so there might be some opportunities for those desperately-searching-for-prob-def BEs.

17 August, 2008

Windows sucks?

Tired of shelling out money on crap that brings alongwith it another load of crap (anti-virus softwares, anti-spyware softwares, blah blah) ... well here's something to cheer you guys up



(thanks to Yugandhar for the link)

14 August, 2008

Who wants this life full of care.....

(Ok... the title "might" be borrowed from another of my friend's blog, but this post is in no way related to that one.... the title just suits best!.. and I love the poem !)

Ever since I left college, I always thought I am going to miss college because I am never going there back again. Never meeting the same people and all that bullshit. But, I never missed school or Junior college that sorely.

Now I see why. Although I am working for a semiconductor giant, on Linux (which I have come to love) and a job description that many people will envy, everything is different. You have to act responsibly. You have to follow a "time-table". Because now you are a "grown up". Basically, you are sucked into the treacherous whirlpool of survival. Do hell with it. (Might be a self-made illusion, but anyway it is atleast partly true, isn't it?)

I don't hate my workplace, infact, it is quite the contrary. I just hate what we have made ourselves into. We work ourselves out to "survive". And what do we do when we manage to survive? We WORK!... Its so hilarious. When I am idle, just laying on my bed talking philosophy with myself, I literally laugh out loud. Whats the point?

If I were God, or one of those people on planet Magrathea, I would have called this "total failure" (something like Windows?). But, anyway thats the way we are. We make gigabit neworks, not because that'll reduce our workload and make us less miserable, but because that'll enable us to do more work and make us more miserable!.. and how excited we are at the prospect of a gigabit network! damn!

We have made travel faster, not because we want to make the world a smaller place and ourselves less miserable, but so that we can make 10 business trips a week and make us more miserable! damn!

We have invented mobile phones not because that can help us in emergencies and make us less miserable, but so that it will make us ubiquitously reachable and more miserable. damn!

And yet, we marvell at these inventions, because we as people are miserable!

Inspite of what I am saying, I still want gigabit networks, I have a mobile phone and I take the fastest travel method available! And people say I don't adjust?.. Well, I have accepted all the things that make me miserable! What more do you want!

So, lets come together and stay in a jungle. Sounds great, ain't it? damn!
Go survive yourself! (nice expletive, isn't it?)