22 May, 2007

Microsoft makes a foray into the ad market

hah .. so finally the giants enter the hitherto unheeded (by Microsoft:D) field of online ads. The competitor is none other than Google.

So what provoked Microsoft to enter the ad field?
The question remains unanswered ... but we can guess it has something to do with "popularity" or "future competition" ...

well .. google just launched its own online word processor program ... for FREE !!! ... which Microsoft sees as a potential competition to its Office products.
So, how does Microsoft counter-attack? .. By a $6bn deal to buy out the ad agent aQuantive. People also see it as a reaction to the google's recent spate of buyouts including $3.1bn deal with DoubleClick.

Whateva, the competition just got groovier
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1 comment:

Its Me said...

Google will replace microsoft as the major player in the next 20 yrs ..

it took MS so many years to get this market sown up and google just ripped it from them ..

the best thing is tht ggl is employee oriented too .. THATS what keeps them going ..

their turnover rate must be low .. why would NE1 want to leave google ???