06 April, 2010

RIP Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain breathed last 16 years ago today.

I am a big big fan. So I thought I'd compile a list of my top 10 Nirvana tracks. Here they are (RIP Kurt Cobain):

1) Jesus don't want me for a Sunbeam 
2) Smells like teen spirit
3) The Man who sold the World
4) Come as you are
5) About a girl
6) All apologies
7) Lithium
8) Dumb
9) In bloom (Awesome video)
10) Rape me

There are others like "Aneurysm", "Heart-shaped box", "Dive", etc that couldn't figure on the list but are my all-time favourites! If only he had lived longer, there would be more awesomeness in this world! RIP!


Praj ~ said...

The Man who sold the World is on top of my list..

Rest In Peace Curt Cobain..

FrostBite said...

Smells like teen spirit.....i hate the rest of the songs!

Praj ~ said...

@FrostBite because no drums?