10 April, 2010

The Japanese wife

I am updating my blog AGAIN. This will be really short, I promise. Won't bore you much today. I value my readers after-all :-P

So, I watched this movie today. The Japanese wife. The movie is about a Bengali school teacher, Snehamoy, marrying his Japanese pen-friend, Miyagi over a series of letters and being loyal to that vow for more than seventeen years. It might and it does sound a very stupid idea. But, let us consider it from a poetic sense. An exaggeration on-purpose to convey a point.

The point is the essence of marriage. Snehamoy and Miyagi's marriage is a very unconventional and a very successful one. More successful than many, taking into consideration the fact that they have never met and all they can do is exchange letters once a week. Yet, they have such a deep bond. They don't snuggle up or any such stuff, yet they have such affection in their relationship! I am not saying the movie was nice, but I was strangely glad that I watched the movie. It left me with the best of the post-movie feelings. There is still good in the world and there can still be an unconditionally platonic bond between two people :-). Thats my takeaway from the movie.

Very hazy post this, I know. It is purposeful. It is for myself. Hardly anyone would like the movie. I didn't like it myself. But, I have the best feeling after watching this movie and I love the movie just for that!

Edit: A muchhhhhh better article about "The Japanese Wife" is here. (Marathi)


Indrani said...

hmmm .. nice :)

ketaki said...

have you seen Baran?
or is it baraan..
i dont remember the spelling.
but i liked the movie.
i have a feeling you will like it too.
its not related to any platonic feeling or anything.. \i just thought of it after reading your article.
its an irani movie.
baran means rain.

Jitesh Shah said...

arre haan. I remember you recommending me Baran a long ago. never got around to downloading it! Today is the day..