21 December, 2008

My bucket list

Today wasn't exactly one of the glorious days of my life. While laying idly on my bed, I wondered what would Maria have done if she were in my place? Probably, thought about the things she likes the most. Would it work? Heck, I thought, lets give it a try. And with memories of "The Bucket List" still fresh in my mind, I decided to make my own bucket list. Things I want to do before I "kick the bucket". (Most of the stuff is taken from what I've seen or heard or what other people have been doing)

(Btw.. It works like a charm!)
Here's the list I made:

1) Be kids again.
2) One fine day, just take a back-pack and leave to explore untrodden yet wonderful lands.
3) Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world (Picked up directly from the movie. Isn't it a fabulous idea??)
4) Be an OS wiz (Now that might sound somewhat stupid, but, I always wished I was)
5) Affect someone's life in a very good way (Teach? Guide? Inspire?)
6) Have all my friends live in the same building. (Now, wouldn't that just be great?)
7) Go cycling in the Himalayas.
8) Draw an insanely beautiful sketch.
9) See the world from as high above as I can (Eiffel tower or Burj Dubai would be good candidates)
10) Become a monk.
11) Read the entire JRR Tolkein collection.
12) Play Basketball again.
(Descending order)

I wonder how many of these things will I be able to complete? Although, I always dream myself in one of these situations and it makes me high.

Now that I have my list, its time to fly ...


Zaru said...

i dunno..bt maybe my bucket wud hav...eating this n eating tat...:P

Praj ~ said...

Like Bilbo baggins :)
me too !!

You still act lika a kid... ain't that enough :)

Nachiket said...

Chaanglay..... :) U have indeed inspired me...
btw Bucket List ka mhantaaat ?
Tyala Bucket sort laavaaycha ka mag?

@$%deja vu$% said...


"kick the bucket" mhanun phrase asto which means "commit suicide" (generally, bucket var ubha rahun rope bandhtat and then you kick the bukcet and you die)

So, bucket list is the list of things you want to do before you die (suicide nahi :P ... DIE)

ketaki said...

I am sure all of these are going to happen :)

Vedang said...

@number 6. that would be _so totally cool_!!