20 December, 2008

The time has come to reform ourselves

This is the title of an article written by a friend, Mithila Joshi, in the DNA newspaper. Read it here(Page number 2).

I cannot agree more. It is a very different perspective on the Mumbai attacks. There has been a huge vitriol hurled at the government and the intelligence. But, hardly anyone has cared to determine the root cause of the inefficiency of the authorities. This article, in my opinion, is a good start. Would these scum-bag politicians be our leaders, if only we were vigilant and not-so-ignorant about politics? How much do we know about the people leading us? Its time we stop giving petty excuses like "no one is worth voting" and realise that there are actually people who are honest and determined to serve the soceity and they deserve our votes. But, it doesn't start at stop at politics. It is time we started respecting our social obligations.

I really do wish that this article triggers a renaissance because all of us are in a dire need of one!!
Time for a self-reevaluation?


1 comment:

Mithila said...

I'm glad that my viewpoints are so deeply reflected by others. It's inspiring, and maybe the change we all wish for seems possible.

Let's hope it does bring about the same.

On a personal note, thank you! Your words are very encouraging, and I hope my writing will always be greeted by similar reactions :)