15 February, 2010

The Demon called Language

Language is a one sadist multi-headed demon.

One thing that Language has achieved, that even the Devil himself couldn't, is that Language tricked everyone into believing that it is actually a blessing. It is probably the greatest trick it ever pulled off. Much like Sauron who fooled the Men, Dawrves and the Elves and made the One Ring to rule the world. Language is playing the same game.

Now the favourite game that this demon likes to play is the trick-your-perception game. It takes reality, distorts it according to what you fear the most and then manipulates your perception to think that this is the actual reality. Much like the Boggart of Harry Potter. Just that Boggart manipulates the physical perception whereas this demon is more sinister. It hampers not just the perception, but compromises your system so badly that there is no notion of "reality" at all. If Boggart is userspace virus, Language is the rootkit.

Fighting this beast is near impossible because of the games it plays. It takes the facts from me, distorts them beyond recognition and inserts this distorted reality into the perception of the other soldier. Miscommunication. We bicker around trying to sort it out, while this demon has a nice laugh and then when everything has seemed to settle down, it plays the game again. And again. And again.
"Stab it with your steely knives but you just can't kill the beast"

This beast can be subdued, but it needs means other than Language itself. Something which transcends words or something which fixes the distorted reality and puts in the right perspective.

(Note: I wanted to write a note, but I forgot what I wanted to write here :-D)


Praj ~ said...


Indrani said...

hahahhahaha @ praj's comment :P

bt it was a good read indeed :D

Mia said...

Try befriending the beast. You could have a cup of coffee together.

Jitesh Shah said...

Mihir (http://financial-hikes.blogspot.com) left a nice private email about his views on this post. Thought I'd share. Here is the paraphrased comment:

"I feel it really depends on your own perception. I personally like this "demon". It offers us many different perspectives into the human psychology. One simple thought interpreted in many different ways. It reveals the varied natures of human psychology, each a different flavour, each with its own beauty and beast."

I cannot agree more!