04 October, 2008

A Wednesday

** Possible spoilers *** 

I apologize for posting two consecutive movie reviews. But, some movies are just too great!.. Truly truly great! And to be coming from bollywood, known for its stupid movies, I was  shocked and  pleasantly surprised!

While I write this piece (lets not call it a review, for it is inappropriate) I don't have Wednesday as a movie in my mind, but a concept. I can't elaborate. Sorry.

Frankly, I didn't know anything about the movie before I decided to watch it (except, ofcourse, that it was a terror flick). I expected another film on the Aamir lines. But, the final few minutes just blew me off. And not only because of the surprise-factor. It is the insignificant part of the movie that impresses me. The little things. Like, there is no crap about "mashab" and "hindu-muslim". NO! Infact, we don't even know to which religion our "common man" belongs to! 

And the last scene is permanently embedded in my mind. The one where Anupam Kher shakes Naseruddin Shah's hands and asks him his name. And the scene stops as Naseruddin Shah says " My name is....." (Well, you have to watch the movie to feel it!!)

Naseruddin Shah is superb! No one could have done it as well as he has!!

I wanted to write a lott... but I am out of words! Guess I'll savour this post-movie feeling for a long time! Also, I feel terrible because I could write such a long post on a terrible movie and not a single good paragraph on a great movie! Anyway, that doesn't matter. What matters is, Wednesday is great! (is that 101st time I am saying that?). Please Please do watch it !!!!!!! 


Mia said...

Ahem, yes, you should have heard him on the phone!!

And don't worry, if you are disappointed with yourself at not being able to express the feeling you felt after seeing the movie, well ask people to call me! I'll try to give them a slight hint as to how crazed you were!Free of cost! :p

(He said "bhaari" in a loop from i =0 to still counting...)

Frostbite said...

Heheheh.......well good thing that u did not review the movie in totality......nahito ur descritpion wud have been gud enuff to deter people from watching that movie......the movie makers wud have sued u!

Zaru said...

yeah yeah...awesome movie...must watch..!! u dnt need to plead ppl to watch it re...
and yeah...bollywood is surely getting mature...(i hope..)...better late than neva..:)