17 September, 2008

The decision...

He stood at the edge of the cliff.
He stretched his arms and felt the wind pass through his body.
He was ready now. Ready to take the plunge. Decide his fate.

He looked up. The beautiful sky beckoning him. He spread his wings. Conquering the intimidating mountains, he rose. High above everyone else. The world was beautiful.

Then he looked down. The deep trench. Even the quick fall seemed long. A thud. Silence.

Higher the rise, deeper the fall. Thoughts tumbling in his mind. The beckoning skies. The pulling trench. The beautiful world. The long fall. The thud. The silence.

He was afraid. What if his wings fail him?
He had one long look at the sky. Then, he turned back. May be some other day.


Indrani said...

Hey isn't this from JOnathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach??
Correct me if i am wrong.. dunno y but i just felt that way... have read that book ages ago so dont quite remember... may be i am wrong :)

@$%deja vu$% said...

oh... I havn't havn't heard either of the author or of the book!

But, I can tell u I am high now :D... what an awesome comparison :D (layki nahiye kahi ch ... tari :P)

Prajwalit said...

ekch shabd - "Sundar"

Vedang said...

bhaari re...
had me smiling at the end. we all do this, don't we? aspire to be great, but scared to take the plunge?
maybe someday....
anyway, great writing.
as for Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, you have to read it man! superb book!

Vedang said...

PS this reminds me of a Calvin strip. Am a bit hazy on the contents, but if I find it, will surely put up a link!