13 July, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

******* WARNING : SPOILERS ***********

So was released the 5th installment of the Harry Potter series !!

For a hardcore HP book fan the movie turns out to be a disappointment. What with many scenes deleted, worse : modified. But, thats not the only thing that makes the cinema aweful.

The director somehow thinks that 2 hour movies are sure-shot hits. But, in that frenzy to be done with the movie in 2 hrs, the plot is distorted !!
1) the movie moves on soo fast, it is sometimes hard to catch-up with the pace. It ends up to be a collage of only the most imp scenes. HP loses its magic with the details not filled in.

2) many many scenes are simple deleted (eg. No Marietta the traitor, No centaur teacher, The room of requirement cannot be accessed by just anyone (the movie sadly ignores this), no Avada Kedavra curse in the Voldy-Dumby showdown (in the book Voldy fires 3 of em on Dumby), no Sirius-Bellatrix fight, etc etc)

3) The characters lack depth. You never feel the same anger and resentment for Umbridge as you do in the book. The portrayal of Dumbledore, Bellatrix and other powerful wizards/witches is pretty much lame. You just don't get the adrenaline rush when Dumbledore enters a scene. Even the scene in the last fight, where Dumbledore makes a grand entry and takes on 6-7 death eaters so easily, is simply dropped !!

4) NO QUIDDITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now thats outrageous!! ... how can there be no quidditch in an HP movie!

5) The looks of the Dementors is changed (but its for the good).. also the way Sirius appears in the fire is slightly modified (but again.. for the good)

Agreed that the book is too long and that its not possible to show everything in the movie blah blah... but 3 hours would have surely done some justice to the plot.. you can't relate the story in 2 hrs... its bound to fail !!

But, there are some agreeable changes too .. like the Fred and George escape (altho modified... the effect is magnificent!)... and the voldy-dumby fight is excellently portrayed (altho I seriously missed Avada-Kedavra !!))

All in all, if you are a hard-core book fan, its unlikely you'll love the movie.. but its a good one-time watch.. but for others.. its a feast for the eyes !! what with Emma Watson ;) and the awesome special effects !!
My rating : 7/10


CDK said...

Good review...exactly what i thought the movie would be...will post another comment when i am done watching the movie...

Prajwalit said...

more than enough !

~~ @ks|-|@y@ ~~ said...

yeah.. 7/10 is a lil over rated... after all the flaws of the movie.. neway as always.. very articulate n specific details.. will write more after i watch the movie