01 July, 2007

New cell

its been 10 days since i got this new cell : Sony Ericsson W200i...

cool, isn't it?
I've been addicted to this ...

although there are some shortcomings like no bluetooth, only a VGA camera and only 128MB mem, it has everything I want.
Walkman facility with high quality mega-bass headphones and the usual games and applications. The GUI is great. and unlike the LG or panasonic handsets, the buttons are easy to use.
The lack of bluetooth is somewhat compensated by infrared. atleast I can transfer themes and small wallpapers, if not large applications and games.
The looks are typically Sony Ericsson, rocks !!

and the most imp thing : its real cheap... 6380 bucks is what it costs !! with amazing functionality packed in!!


~~ @ks|-|@y@ ~~ said...

No need to flaunt it SOOOOO much.. dunt you still wish u had an iPod to go with it!!! ;) couldnt stop myself from saying it!

Vedang said...

just an ipod?? i wish i had an iphone to go with it!