29 September, 2009

I can

Recently, while I was cleaning up my room for the upcoming Diwali festival, I found a nice piece penned by someone for Saurabh. Now, its not a Longfellow-style classy poem or it doesn't say something that would turn us selfish mortals into angels. But, its nice because it is small simple and wise. (uuuhhhh.. that rhymes!). Hell, its not even a poem, its a "piece"!

Here goes:
If you think you are beaten,
you are.
If you think you dare not,
you don't

If you'd like to win,
but think you can't
It almost certain
you won't

If you think you'll lose
you're lost

For out in the world
we find success begins
with a person's faith;
Its all in the state of mind!

Life's victories don't always go
to the stronger and the faster
but sooner or later the man who wins
is the man who thinks "HE CAN"


small simple and wise, isn't it? :)

Update: In case you didn't read the comments, vedang pinged to let me know that the poem/piece is actually composed by Walter D Wintle.


Vedang said...

its by walter d wintle.. :)


you've been reading my stuff..uh :P
this stuff was given to us by our TechM trainer...Ashish Jain..

Jitesh Shah said...

How did it end up on my study table. You dumped it on my study table thinking it was garbage! (you always do!)

(And I've gotten hold of some of the other "important" stuff too. Leverage :D)


you said you wanted an iPod..or was it iPhone?

Vedang said...

lol! i want an iphone too! hey jitesh, see if you can swing one for me too with your leverage :D :D

Mia said...

Me too?

Nice poem... Walter knew his stuff well :D