24 August, 2008

Project Looking Glass

Project Looking Glass is a 3D desktop environment. It is java-based and so platform independant (So it can run on Windows/Linux et al). Sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

Personally, I havn't tried this Desktop environment, but it fascinates me. May be some day.

Check it out here
The sad thing is that, I couldn't find a decent screenshot on their site. So here are some screenshots I got through google
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

The project is still open for active development, so there might be some opportunities for those desperately-searching-for-prob-def BEs.


Vedang said...

is that wot it is?? I've had the DVD for over a year without trying it out! :P will look into this over the weekend!

Marenda said...

Well written article.