19 January, 2008

Words sting. The lack of them sting deeper.

There are situations when you just cannot think... no matter how direct the hints are, you always assume the worst case (may be he didn't like it and he said xyz for totally different reasons?? or may be she meant it as friends and I took it the other way?)... there are times when you need confirmation, reassurance... not just hints, but plain crude facts. And when they don't come, it is depressing and annoying and irritating and disturbing and getting to your nerves.

I always thought words would be the poorest form of communication, but now I see they have their own place. They are as important as others are.... Silence is golden, but when applied to the wrong places it can be as disastrous as it is useful.


Mia said...

Thats exactly what I was trying to convey through that post - when you say nothing at all... :)

We are on the same page ( post maybe? :P ) now...

Totally understand how you feel... Been there, felt that..

Keep writing :)

Ketaki said...

never been there..

on second thoughts...