07 December, 2007

Linux softwares

Here is a (supposedly) helpful list of packages you'll need to plunge into the linux world:
The best method of installation is to compile the source. Being platform independant, you don't need to worry about which distro the source is meant for.
A typical sequence of commands you'll need to follow for installation from source is :
(login as superuser)
make install

consult the corresponding README files for any divergences

Coming back to the list:
Internet Dialer : Kinternet
Browser : Firefox
Messenger : Gaim (or pidgin as it is lately called)
Music player : AmaroK
Video player : Kaffeine (even, MPlayer or VLC will do)
pdf reader : Acrobat
chm viewer : kchmviewer
Text editor : Kwrite / Gedit
CD/DVD burner : K3B
Paint : GImp
Image viewing tool : GwenView
System Manager : YaST (Suse specific)
Word Processor : OpenOffice
Hex editor/programmers editor : Emacs / Vim
calculator : Kcalc

Any suggesstions/additions are welcome....

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