22 August, 2007

Configuring suse : The n00b way !!

Gone are the days when Linux was ONLY for developers. Today, Linux is set to become the Universal OS. What with excellent multimedia and 3D games support. And .. anyone who has checked out the xgl graphics would certainly throw Windows out of the Window !!

Suse configuration is extremely easy, given you use the right source to get your info. The first thing you should know is how to use google. There is help on each and every topic you need, given you care to search for it !!

(Note: I use the Suse 9.3 distro... but the process described here is same even for later versions)
Configuring Suse for Internet : (DSL modems)
1. Don't be dumb enough to wrongly connect the hardware :D
2. Goto Start->System->YaST ... Enter the root password
3. Network Devices -> DSL (Ensure that your Network card is detected)
4. Click on "Configure" to Configure your DSL device
5. PPP mode = PPP over Ethernet... Click Next
6. If you don't have a provider added (which you probably won't) .. click "New"and fill-in the username.. password for the connection... Click Next.. and Finish !!
(You can click NO for the Configure Mail popup)
Done !!!!!

To Connect : Start -> Internet -> Dial Up -> Kinternet
Kinternet will appear in the Tray.... just click Dial-in.. and You are connected !!!<:-P

Getting the Multimedia Working :
Assuming the sound drivers and installed and working.. here's how you can get multimedia working...
Note that due to licensing conflicts, no codecs are available even for mp3 files....

1. Connect to the internet
2. YaST -> Software -> Online Update
3. Select Multimedia Option Pack 1 (compulsary for audio), 2 (for basic video.. like mpg..), 3 and 4 (extras)
(If you want only audio to be installed.. select only pack 1.. etc etc)
4. Complete the installation
And AUDIO is working !! .. but whoa.. the video still refuses to play....

To fix that... Uninstall Xine, Kaffeine, and LibXine1 (if you have them)

Now, you need to download latest codecs for avi, divx, etc to work..
The simplest way to is to use repositories... Reposiories are nothing but an online collection of packages.. I think, Packman is a really good and exhaustive repository... everything you need.. you'll find it there !!

here's how you add a repository : (make sure you are connected to the internet)
YaST -> Software -> Change Source of Installation -> Add-> HTTP
For Suse 9.3 ... add the following :
Server : packman.iu-bremen.de
Directory : suse/9.3
(for 10.0 and above... a simple Google search will give you the repository details)

once that is done .... Now you need to install Codecs and the players
So, go to
YaST -> Software -> Install and Remove Software
ADD : Win32all codecs, Xine, Kaffeine, LibXine1 and MPlayer (xine, kaffeine and MPlayer are media players) .. Install them..

and now... the Videos work too !!
(You need to uninstall and then reinstall the packages because the video players use the codecs available during their installation.. they can't be added later on.... )

Recommendations :
Audio player : AamroK simply ROCKS !!!
Video : Consider downloading either VLC player or MPLayer.. the default in Linux are clumsy to use

And then dump windows :D:d:D
good luck hacking with Linux.... Always say to yourself :
"I'll google before asking a dumb question" :D:D... and all your linux problems will be solved in no time !!


Vedang said...

ubuntu/kubuntu is even easier... all the commands are extremely intutive.

want to install amarok?
sudo apt-get install amarok
sudo apt-get install vlc
don't think mplayer is so great?
sudo apt-get remove mplayer.

simple as that. all dependencies will be taken care of internally. even idiots can do it. so, go ahead. use linux. it rocks.

CDK said...
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CDK said...

hell yes...Amarok...is just too good..
Beryl and now Compiz fusion rocks...
and i totally agree with vedang...Ubuntu/Kubuntu are even easier...

there's nothing to beat apt....

Anonymous said...

or try this :

Server : suse.bifi.unizar.es
Directory : packman/suse/9.3